Karnali River Rafting 1 Days

1 People (per pax) 2-3 People (per pax) 4+ People (per pax)
$450 $300 $250
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Karnali River is the longest river in Nepal offering you one of the most adventurous and challenging rapids, kayaking opportunities, fishing, and jungle safari and even trekking to the most rural areas which are still untouched. The more Karnali River passes through the pristine forest, the more you will feel the trip pleasant and memorable .And offering you abundant opportunity of seeing various flora and fauna. Moreover, Rafting on Karnali lets you experience the camping on the sandy bank, Tharu culture and their way of life. Emerging from Mt. Kailash, Karnali River befriends with Bay Bengal.
It is said that such wonderful experience which you have from Karnali River Rafting is considered to be the life- time experience.The thrilling and bouncy rapids trigger to be the finest and best experience that no other River rafting offers. The organic and typical Tharu dishes, jungle safari, Dolphin Excursion crocodiles watching, fishing are some of the major highlights of  Karnali river Rafating. The places of historical and religious importance in far- western region of Nepal makes this trip more popular as the river originates from holy Himalaya, Mt. Kailash.So it is alos consired to a Rafting-cum- pilgrimage for both Hindu and Buddhists.
The commencing point of Karnali River Rafting is Sauli . And this trip generally can be combined with a visit to Bardia National Park.

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Difficulty Trip Lenght 1 days Group Size 1-15 People
Best Month Sep-Oct-Nov/ Mar-Apr-May Transportation Car-Jeep-Bus Accomodation Included
Style Rafting-Adventure-Tour Max Elevation Meal Included
Trip Routes Kathmandu-Karnali-Pokhara/Kathmandu
All Departures 100% Guranteed. If you are booked, you are going.